After the donation send an email to or Facebook chat on the site, with char name, transaction ID, Donation Time, and which means of donation (EX: Paypal), after confirmation of payment the delivery will be carried out within a maximum of 10 hours.

Após a doação envie um e-mail para or pelo Facebook chat no site, com nome do char, ID transação,Hora da Doação, e qual meio de doação (EX: Paypal), após a confirmação do pagamento a entrega será efetuada em até no máximo 10 horas.

  • As a way of thanking the players that contribute donating the team of L2 Sigel offers Donate Coin so that the player exchanges for pampering inside the game.

    Each 1 Real donated is you earn 1 Donate Coin.

    Para doar com PayPal Clique no botão.